Introducing Loomly Ads Manager

The Loomly Team

Today, the entire Loomly team is extremely happy to unveil a project we have all been working on for the past six months.

This is a major evolution of Loomly and could very well be the largest update in the history of our platform to date.

Introducing: Loomly Ads Manager.

This new system allows you and your team to create, preview, approve and push Facebook & Instagram Ads to Facebook, just like you already do with posts, in the same interface you know and love.

Existing Features

This very first iteration includes:

  • Ad Builder:
    • Create ads
    • Choose between 5 Campaign Objectives: Brand Awareness, Impressions, Reach, Traffic & Conversions
    • Launch campaigns in 3 different formats: single image, single video & carousel
    • Use your Custom Audiences
    • Take advantage of brand-new Ad Optimization Tips

  • Ad View: preview each ad in details — from copy to asset, targeting, lifetime and budget — and collaborate with your team through assignments, ad states and comments

Loomly Ads Manager Beta Ad View

  • Ad List View: get an overview of all your ads

Loomly Ads Manager Ad List View

Upcoming Features

In the future, you can expect additional features, including:

  • Ad Calendar View: see how your campaigns spread over time.
  • Ad Analytics View: measure the performance of your ads.
  • Ad Performance Booster: to be announced.

How To Access Loomly Ads Manager

You can access Loomly Ads Manager from here or by visiting any of your calendars and clicking on the Ads Manager icon in your navbar:

Loomly Ads Manager Beta Access Request

You will then be prompted to activate Loomly Ads Manager:

Loomly Ads Manager Activate

Please feel free to reach out to us in the chat or over email if you have any questions.

???? Login and activate Loomly Ads Manager now ????

We are looking forward to seeing the incredible Facebook & Instagram Ads you will launch from Loomly Ads Manager.

As always, thank you very much for your unbelievable enthusiasm.


The Loomly Team.

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