Author: Austin Shong

email marketing faq
Marketing Definitions

Email Marketing FAQ

Wondering if email marketing still works? Reckon it might be declining? Think again. Email marketing is one of the best-performing and most cost-effective marketing channels, with an average ROI…

video marketing faq
Marketing Definitions

Video Marketing FAQ

Video marketing is booming right now, fueled by people’s insatiable appetite for the format. If you’re wondering whether to embrace video as part of your digital marketing strategy, then you’ll wan…

youtube marketing faq
Marketing Definitions

YouTube Marketing FAQ

YouTube is the second largest search engine and the second most visited site on the Internet. It’s popular across different countries and age groups, and features a diverse range of content. But yo…

community management faq
Marketing Definitions

Community Management FAQ

Looking for the lowdown on community management? Not sure how it’s different from social media management? Read on as the Loomly team addresses all your questions in this community management FAQ. …

linkedin marketing faq
Marketing Definitions

LinkedIn Marketing FAQ

LinkedIn is the #1 B2B social platform, with over 30 million companies using it to network, connect, and sell. But if you’re wondering just how effective the platform is and how you can use it to p…

digital marketing faq
Marketing Definitions

Digital Marketing FAQ

Digital marketing spend is on the increase. Whether it’s online video (70%), mobile marketing (64%), online search (59%), or online display (49%), digital marketing budgets are rising: Source:…

marketing automation faq
Marketing Definitions

Marketing Automation FAQ

Marketing automation is used across various channels, including email, social media, SMS, and digital ads, to automate repetitive tasks, streamline marketing workflows, and measure marketing campaign …