Customer Journey Definition

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What is Customer Journey?

Customer journey definition: customer journey refers to the path a consumer follows when they interact with a brand.

There are many methods of “road-mapping” the customer journey, but the majority contain a variation of these five phases:

  1. Awareness: a customer learns about a brand or product
  2. Interest: they consider whether this is a good match
  3. Purchase: they buy the product
  4. Retention: they repeat buy (or remain a part of your marketing)
  5. Advocacy: the promote the brand to their network

Customers may leave the journey at any time.

The journey often depends on industry and marketing channels. For example, let’s look at customers buying On Running shoes.

Customer #1:

  • Reads a review in her favorite running magazine (awareness, interest)
  • Heads to a local running store to buy them (purchase)
  • Loves the shoes and buys a second pair to train in (retention)
  • Shows them to her friends at her running group (advocacy)

Customer #2: 

  • Sees targeted Facebook Ad (awareness)
  • Sees Influencer post, and clicks to find out more (interest)
  • Reads a blog post about the shoe, chooses to buy (purchase)
  • Wears the shoe, repeats purchase months later (retention)
  • Posts photo on Instagram, tags On Running (advocacy)

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