Introducing Automatic Publishing of Multiple-Image Posts on Instagram

Multi-image posts on Instagram

The Loomly Team is excited to announce that we are making progress towards Instagram Carousels: you can now schedule Instagram multiple-image posts AND automatically publish them with Loomly!

We’re jazzed about this for two reasons: 

  1. We LOVE delivering time-saving new features to our customers so you can focus on building your amazing brands. It’s why we get up in the morning.
  2. Instagram multi-image posts are one of the most engaging post formats on social media, and they’re a great way to level up your Instagram game. 

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Why Should You Use Multi-Image Posts on Instagram?

Instagram multi-image posts are an ideal format for step-by-step guide instructions, new product releases, customer reviews, brand storytelling, photo dumps, and more. 

The best part? They generate significantly higher engagement rates. Here are a few key insights from a recent study by Socialinsider:

  • About 20% of Instagram posts are multi-image, surpassing videos in 2019.
  • Multi-image and carousels are the most engaging Instagram posts: 1.92% average engagement per post.
  • When posts use the maximum of ten images, the average engagement rate exceeds 2%.

How to Schedule Multi-Image Posts on Instagram with Loomly

Loomly’s Instagram Direct Publishing allows you to create, preview, approve, schedule, and publish posts from Loomly to Instagram, all through one streamlined workflow. 

Here’s how to get started:

1. Log in to Loomly and open your calendar

2. Click “New Post”:

How to Publish multiple image posts in Loomly

3. Set post details:

How to post multi-image post in Loomly

4. Select Instagram as a channel:

How to post multiple image posts on Instagram

5. Write your post and select your images (including GIFs via our Giphy integration):

Automtically schedule multi-image posts on Instagram

6. Fine-tune the content of your post for Instagram, for instance adding a First Comment to be published along with your post (optional):

Schedule multi image posts on Instagram

7. Send your post for approval, schedule it, or publish it now:

Instagram multiple image posts

8. To see your post on Instagram, click “View post on Instagram” from your post view:

multi image Instagram collage

Click here for a full list of Instagram Direct Publishing specs, requirements, and limitations.

A HUGE shout out to our amazing product, development, and customer success teams for responding to this update so quickly. 

Stay tuned for more!

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