Introducing LinkedIn Post Sponsoring with Loomly

The Loomly Team

We are happy to announce the release of one of our most highly-requested features: LinkedIn Post Sponsoring

You can boost posts with LinkedIn Ads directly from Loomly, just like you can for Facebook Ads

The best part? It’s easy! Loomly users can boost their LinkedIn posts right within the Post Builder workflow, where you can set your target audience, budget amount, and more.

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Here’s how to start Sponsoring Posts on LinkedIn with Loomly:

  • Go to the Social Accounts tab of your Calendar Settings page and reconnect your LinkedIn Page:

Loomly account menu bar with button to reconnect LinkedIn page

  • Then, select the LinkedIn Ad Account you want to use for Post Sponsoring and renew your connection:

Loomly screen for selection of LinkedIn Ad account for post sponsoring

  • Jump to Post Builder to create a new post, as usual — make sure to select LinkedIn as a channel — and go all the way to the fifth panel, titled Target Audience & Promote (Optional) to visit the Post Sponsoring tab:

A panel of Loomly's post builder workflow with a button to show LinkedIn post sponsoring options.

  • Click on Show Sponsoring Options, and define your campaign parameters (budget, timeframe, objective & target audience). Then click Continue, and make sure to confirm you want to promote your post:

Define LinkedIn Ad campaign parameters within Loomly

  • On Post View, you will now see the details of your Post Sponsoring campaign, right below your post preview:

Loomly LinkedIn Post Preview

And that’s it! Your LinkedIn post will be “boosted” right from within Loomly.

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