#Loomly — Post To Instagram With Buffer Reminders

Unlike most other platforms, Instagram does not allow third-party applications to actually post to Instagram — making it impossible to schedule content from outside Instagram.

To bypass this limitation, tools like Hootsuite & Later offer a feature that allows you to “schedule” a post and then, when it’s time to publish this post, to get a reminder to publish it manually.

Now, a similar process to post to Instagram is available in Buffer, with Buffer reminders:

post to instagram in Loomly with Buffer reminders

Guess what: this means that you can now “schedule” Instagram posts from inside Loomly, and get your reminders in Buffer.

(You will need Buffer’s mobile app — iOS or Android — to leverage this feature.)

All you need to do is:

  • Create a post in Loomly
  • Select Instagram as a channel for this post
  • Get it approved within your team
  • Schedule it with Buffer
  • Actually publish the post to Instagram when you get Buffer’s reminder to do so

Happy Instagraming 😉

If you have not tried Loomly yet, just start your 15-day free trial now.

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