#Loomly — Update: Leverage New Commenting Features For Advanced Collaboration

The Loomly Team

Following up on our update from last week, and as part of an effort to improve collaboration inside Loomly, we are introducing today some brand-new commenting features.

You can now essentially do three things with each comment:

  • Pin to top: display a particular comment at the top of a post history. This is particularly useful when you need strategic information to stand out from the conversation. It’s also a practical way to take notes about your posts, for instance by including a URL in your comment for reference.
  • Mark as private: make a comment invisible to users with a Client role. This is relevant for teams of creators who want to work together before submitting content for review to their — internal or external — clients.
  • Delete: calendar Owners & Editors can now delete comments that were left by mistake, include errors or are simply no longer needed. Deleting a comment will remove it entirely from Loomly, in such a way that it won’t be recoverable.

Loomly update new commenting features

All three features are already available to all Loomly users: feel free to take them for a spin right now.

As always, these feature ideas were born out of your amazing feedback and we could not thank you enough for your suggestions and your encouragements.

If we may: please, keep them coming!


The Loomly Team.

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