#Loomly — Update: Discover Your New List And Calendar Views

The Loomly Team

This month, our team is happy to introduce a “design” update, including new list and calendar views, as well as a couple of new features.

Besides a user interface lifting, your new list view now allows you to:

  • Sort posts by date, subject, copy & comments, either in ascending or descending order.
  • Filter posts by date format, channel, media, status & assignee.

Loomly new list and calendar views list view screenshot

Your new calendar view went through a minor appearance update (with “rounded” post items instead of “square” ones) but comes with four new cool features, letting you:

  • Filter posts by date, format, channel, media, status & assignee.
  • See post ideas on their corresponding dates.
  • Create quick posts (just like you do on your dashboard) directly from a calendar cell.
  • Drag and drop posts to update their date.

Loomly new list and calendar views calendar view screenshot

While we certainly took the liberty of coming up with most of the visual updates in your new list and calendars views, all new features were inspired and sparked by your outstanding feedback.

Since Day 1, you have been amazingly supportive, and for that, we thank you dearly.

The Loomly Team.

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