Resume Publishing to Facebook Groups with Loomly

The Loomly Team

Today, the entire Loomly Team is extremely pleased to announce that you can resume publishing to Facebook Groups.

Just like before, you can connect a Facebook Group to a calendar from the Publishing tab of that calendar Settings page:

Publishing to Facebook Groups publishing connect Facebook Group to calendar

Once you have successfully connected a Facebook Group to your calendar, you will need to follow a new, simple procedure to enable publishing to your group:

  • Go to > Your Group > More > Edit Group Settings:

Publishing to Facebook Groups edit group settings clean

  • Click on the grey “Add Apps” button:

Publishing to Facebook Groups add app

  • Search & select Loomly:

Publishing to Facebook Groups search select Loomly

  • Click on the blue “Add” button:

Publishing to Facebook Groups add Loomly

  • That’s it, you should be all set, ready to go back to Loomly and publish posts to your Facebook Group:

Publishing to Facebook Groups done

As you may remember, publishing to Facebook Groups had been discontinued back in May 2018, following changes in the Facebook API for data protection & security reasons.

The entire Loomly team stands behind this decision by Facebook and we would like to extend a big thank you to them for reintroducing this feature.

We are also grateful to all of you, Loomly users & customers, for your incredible patience and your amazing support.


The Loomly Team.

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