#Loomly — Earn Money For Recommending Loomly With Your New Referral Program

Many of you are already spreading some incredible love about Loomly around them and all over the web: while we cannot thank you enough for your support, our brand-new Referral Program now provides you with a platform & rewards for doing exactly that!

How does Loomly’s Referral Program work?

When you join Loomly’s Referral Program, we provide you with a custom referral link, which you can share over email, on social media, on your blog or website, in forums and even offline.

Loomly Referral Program Landing Page

Your custom referral link leads to a personalized landing page including a warm welcome message and your profile picture: every single time someone signs up and then subscribes to Loomly from your link, you earn 10% of the amount of their subscription.

How much can you actually earn?

As mentioned above, it’s real simple: you earn 10% of every subscription you generate, as long as it lasts.

That’s it, there is no minimum or maximum reward amount: your rewards scale perfectly with your efforts.

The amount of your reward depends on three variables:

  • The number of subscribers you refer.
  • The plan they choose when they subscribe.
  • The length of their subscription.

We have put together a simple calculator to help you understand how this all works and how much you can make:

Loomly Referral Program Rewards Calculator

Your rewards are deposited directly to your bank account on the 15th of every month for the prior month’s earnings.

What limitations apply?

Okay, that’s the least fun part, and we legally have to go through it: so, let’s be quick!

This Referral Program is exclusively meant to reward you for promoting Loomly to new prospective customers and as such, is NOT a way to generate commissions from subscriptions you would have purchased otherwise, either directly for yourselves or on behalf of collaborators, including but not limited to clients, vendors, partners, affiliates, representatives, employers and employees.

Per our Referral Program Agreement, that means:

  1. You cannot earn rewards by subscribing to Loomly from your own referral link.
  2. You cannot join a calendar created by a user who signed up from your referral link.
  3. You cannot transfer ownership of a calendar to, or receive ownership of a calendar from, a user who signed up from your referral link.

That’s it for the lawyerey word of caution: on to the next step, getting ready for action!

How can I join the program?

You don’t have to be a Loomly user to join Loomly’s Referral Program: all you need to do is fill out this form.

Note: if you are a Loomly user, make sure you are logged in when you fill out the above mentioned form — you will save plenty of time.

Loomly Referral Program Referral Profile

You will then access your Referral Profile, including:

  • Your custom referral link.
  • A special tool letting you send your referral link over email, leading to your customized landing page.
  • Best practices & tips to maximize your rewards.
  • Your rewards summary.

Are you ready to join Loomly’s Referral Program?

Let’s spread some love about Loomly: start earning now.

More than ever, thank you so much for your amazing support: you are the absolute best community we can dream of and we are happy to get up every morning to keep building Loomly for you.

The Loomly Team.

Loomly is a simple social media calendar that helps teams & individuals create better content for their audience: start your 15-day free trial now.

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